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Is this how I "earn each note"?

Hello, I'm a 17 year old tenor who is trying to build their upper chest voice C4-Bb4+. My most comfortable belt note right now is D4. I can belt up to G4, but that takes a lot of support and energy for me.

I understand that this high intensity singing and region of my range, if practiced incorrectly, can cause injury, so I want to be sure and safe about my approach. I understand support and vowel modifications, that I have to move to an "uh" sound like "loft" in order to make the vowel more manageable, and when I have built up strength, I can slowly open up the vowel more. I understand that I have to let resonance take over with good open throat technique as I am building up good vocal cord strength. If I have any misunderstandings, please correct me.

The approach I intend on taking is the "earn every note" approach, where I build up vocal muscle strength in one note (I plan to start with D#4) until I am vocally strong enough to move up a semitone. Is this a valid approach? If not, what else can I do?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 3,427
    This sounds like a good approach, as you get to your limit, you can try and "stretch" past it by a couple of notes, but pay very close attention to how it feels and how well you are supporting.
  • NicolasGralewiczNicolasGralewicz Member Posts: 26
    This method sounds fabulous! If you're working on that range I'd recommend Through Glass by Stone Sour, that song goes right up to D#4 while mostly staying in the third octave, so it'd be a good song to test out the note. If you want, I could give you some other good songs that come to mind. Also, it'd be really great if I could hear a vocal demonstration, for two reason!
    1) If you're a tenor, D#4 seems QUITE low for a highest comfortable belt note and you might be pushing chest voice up to get that G4
    2) If I could hear how you sing I might be able to give some simple vocal tips on how to get those nice round full belts up to C5
  • dThomasdThomas Member Posts: 17

    2) If I could hear how you sing I might be able to give some simple vocal tips on how to get those nice round full belts up to C5


    Here is a link (hopefully this works 🤞) to me singing a small part of "Rewrite the Stars" by James Arthur and Anne-Marie. There were many digital file errors causing hiccups in the file, they aren't voice cracks. I tried to label the file errors as much as possible. Any feedback would be appreciated!

    FYI: I was sitting because I could only find a private space in a car, please forgive this sin but I had no other choice at that moment :)
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