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Hey guys.
My name is Zuzana (prefer Zuzka or Zuz.) I´m 30yo.
I love singing so much. When I was a little, I started sing with the town choir. The funny thing about it was, that I didn´t have any music theory, preparation and I definitely didn´t know notes. (still, I can´t read them: D). So, when I got my notes, I read only lyrics and I needed to listen to know what we will be singing. This really helped me increased the level of intonation and increase hearing.

Then I moved to another city and I quit. I sang only to myself. I was doing a lot´s of different things like ballet and horse riding, that was my big passion that time. Then I noticed that I couldn´t sing higher note as before. Because my voice mutated. I never had any education, only my passion to sing. At my 20 a started sing more and more at home. I truly believed that I can be singer in 2016 and from that time than I started to search for information. Then I found some school at Prague and I traveled there only because of this hour lesson. It was great, it gave my more confidence and support, I build up better breath support but it didn't solve my voice problem. It was very easy to over sing and felt hoarse. I was at many centers checked out my stomach, vocal folds, nostrils etc. I had suspicious that I have acid reflux. Then I went to check out my vocal fold to voice center for professional singers and then I found that I really have acid. So, I struggled with food and eating. That time someone on Facebook send me Ken YouTube channel and I was curious and subspinous too. But the Transformation of Gabriela Gunčíková persuaded me so I save money and buy that course. I started working and it was very difficult for me open that voice. (No one EVER said anything about vowel modification. I never heard about it).

I built up very bad and unhealthy relationship with singing. I was unnaturally critic to myself. People liked my videos but then haters come. All with the food struggle because acid and that inner belief that I can´t do this. that it´s too hard. I didn´t know how. It wasn´t not improving much and all of these thoughts. I couldn’t keep going. with some life difficulties, I quit.

Almost year took me to reconsider myself and this bad habits to start again
I more mature about it. More dedicated to make it and take these facts that I will make mistakes and sometimes it’ll be struggle, with better relationship with my singing, food and even myself.

So here I am. I will share some my scales and triads and exercises. If someone could review me and say some feedback that would be awesome.

That time I quit I was ready to go for 2 volume. And It was great but my mind told me all that bullshits.
Now I must laugh about myself.

I am here to work on my dreams. As well as you.

So, let´s go rock <3


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    Welcome to the course, sounds like you have had some struggle to get here. I like you are able to look back and learn and are curious to find answers, not just let a road block stop you from finding another way. I hope you can stay with this course, Ken also has videos on vocal health talking about acid reflux on YouTube but you have probably already seen it.

    I look forward to hearing you in the future 🙂
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    Yeah I already bought the new course on voice demage etc... :-) I try my best do diet and stuff to be healthy in general. :-)
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