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Hello, my name is Ramón, I've been singing for 4 years in a local band, mostly KISS, Black sabbath, Metallica and Iron Maiden stuff, back in 2017 I started to sound hoarse, after several months doctor found polyps and disrophya (I guess that maybe the absolute lack of any technique might had something to do)
I lost my voice for over 2 years, no corticoids or whatsoever worked for me.

One afternoon when I was doing laundry at one of my friend's home she grab this little green bag and we smoke some pot, then, for 2 months I smoked almost every 2 days, I don't like drugs, but one day I got from work and tried to sing something while I was going upstairs and BAM! A note came out, as I said I wasn' t able to do a sound, I spoke just like BatBale (Seriously, that was my nickname wherever I went)

I stopped smoking since my girl does not like neither drugs nor smoking, I recovered from those damn polyps, still don't feel my voice 100% recovered but some 85% yes!

I hope to get some feedback and make new friends here, I have some covers in YouTube that I recorded while in lock down if you want to check them out.



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    Welcome mate, I haven't had a chance to check out your demos yet but that really sucks losing your voice. Ken has a vocal repair program you might find interesting be if you want to get back into singing.
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