Swiss metal singer would like to say hi

Greetings from Geneva, Switzerland !

Singing metal in amateur bands since 29 years, I am about to re-start to learn how to sing with Ken's method and I am looking forward to learning and sharing with you all.

All the best,



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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358

    Hey, @Raf !!

    Great having you here!  Your voice is about to be re-born!! You will find all the tools and methods you need in your KTVA materials!

    Now it's up to you to learn and work and sing!!  You're really going to like what's about to happen to your voice!


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    RafRaf Pro Posts: 3

    Hi highmtn,

    Thanks a lot for your kind welcoming message...

    Yeah, I think the big challenge here will be to get rid of all my bad habits acquired during the years. I can see I have already lost some high notes that I was able to shout out 20 years ago. Looking forward starting to learn Ken’s method.


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    René RennerRené Renner Enrolled Posts: 36

    Hello Raf!

    Swiss Metal singers are cool!

    I LOVE Gotthard! Steve Lee is my main influence!

    Do you know them?


    Grüße aus Österreich :)



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    RafRaf Pro Posts: 3

    Hi, René,

    Actually I don't know them personally. I saw them once in a concert (still with Steve Lee) and I've been listening to their music on CDs. Yeah, Steve Lee was a great singer, especially in the metal ballads. I am sure he is in the heaven of metal singer, with Dio and others…

    I have been more near their new singer Nick Raeboud. He was the singer of one of Geneva’s speed metal band called Apocalypse in 1993, in their second album “Faithless”. The coincidence there is that I am actually playing in a band with the two former guitarists of Apocalypse. Switzerland is small ...


    Do you have famous metal bands in Austria? How about your one, René?



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    René RennerRené Renner Enrolled Posts: 36
    hello raf!

    sorry that it took some time to get back at you! the notification on this forum seems to have failed!
    When did you see steve in concert?
    He must have been awesome, right ;)
    I saw them last november in vienna, loved the show but through the first songs I thought good ol' nic was going to fall apart on stage! I believe they made the right choice with him from a "family" and charisma point of perspective but vocal wise I have to admit that I really am not very pleased with him straining his jaw in that weird tensed position to squeeze out a single C5. He desperately needs some lessons. Nic, after all, is missing
    close to a whole octave in his range that steve was more than comfortable singing in! I own every gotthard studio album and would like to hear some old stuff like "higher" though that song constantly jumps around C#5 in the verses and D5 in the chorus, so nic might drop dead after singing it ;D
    And my goodness, does he duck the high notes!!! But from a music perspective I can honestly say that their new album with nic is a great one and certainly one of my favourite among their discography!
    Great studio vocals on it!

    wow, didn't know he played in that band but really sounds like him,yeah!
    But I thought his name was nic maeder and not nick raeboud?!
    Do your bandmates know if he had any training when he was younger? Because I don't think he could have survived that long with that grid and especially his approach if he didn't know a trick or two.
    Are you a professional musician by the way?

    I actually don't know about any famous austrian metal bands.
    There is "all faces down" who are more of a pop-rock-screamo band though.
    There are lots of them in germany, though! (Edguy)
    Somehow many of the singers in austrian bands don't use lots of range!
    Don't know why but it's weird!

    I currently am in no band as I want to improve to the level that I can be called a "great vocalist". So I am practicing a lot, belting through my 3 Octaves range (G2-G#5) in the hope of crushing the walls of the room I am singing in.......when these walls fall, then I know I am ready ;)

    I have actually posted a recording of me singing firedance by gotthard in the vocal demonstrations section with the subject "truly a firedance"!
    It is not perfect but give it a listen anyway ;)

    Cheers :)

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