New to singing and music

My name is David and am 24 years old. I am new to singing and music in general. I grew up playing sports and never thought much about music. It's funny how things change. In a nutshell, my voice is okay but far from great. I can only sing about 3 songs before my voice dies. My goals are simply to have fun and be the best singer that I can be. I am absolutely excited to learn.

Question: I watched the first DVD of KTVA. Ken says that the soft palate in the mouth should be back when singing. How does one move it to position that way? I currently can only move it towards the front of my mouth.     


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    First of all, Welcome to KTVA!  It's good to have you on board!

    Actually, the soft palate and the uvula, in the back of the roof of your mouth, will Raise as your voice goes up in pitch.  You can help your soft palate to raise by smiling and raising your cheeks like Ken shows you in the video.  That puts it in a better position to get started raising when you start going higher with your voice. 

    If you pay very good attention to everything Ken is showing and telling you in the videos, and workout every day with the audio workouts, you will build your voice beyond anything you've ever been able to do in the past. 

    After you have built your voice up from the hard workouts, you will have a lot more fun when it's time to sing, because now your voice will have grown like you never imagined!

    Good singing to you!


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