Feel Like Making Love - Oleg's Cover

Hi everyone! 
I've found a spare moment to try this fantastic song - feel free to judge and comment.
I have my limits in the range and even did not try to go that crazy high at the end of the song.
Due to lack of time I'm going with the KTVA course very slowly - only a half of first part during last nearly four months.
But I do really feel great progress lately with both - the tone and the range and I think that KTVA is the best.
Those who can practice on a daily basis should have fantastic results. Good luck to everyone and thanks in behalf for listening and commenting.


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    Good job, Oleg!

    Your voice really sounds big on this one!  Pretty good support, but I would encourage you to keep working on that, as it will help you, especially on the higher notes.

    You chose a good song.  ;^)

    Stay with your studies and keep methodically moving forward.  You are wise to take your time.  Do try to find more time to practice, but just keep doing the best you can. 

    It's good to hear your demo.


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    FarawayGuyFarawayGuy Pro Posts: 38
    To @highmtn :Hi Bob! Thank you for support and commenting. And yes - lots of work is still needed with support at high notes. The chorus of this song is still a challenge to me. But last month my range started moving tremendously: F#4 was my limit for a long period now I manage to reach G#4 more and more correct each time. That was a great surprise for my vocal teacher. And the lower range widened and strengthened. Now I can say for sure KTVA is the best! And once again thank you for your great help with this song ( you know what I mean! ;) )!
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    MichaelSMichaelS Pro Posts: 73

    @ FarawayGuy  

    Great job! i like youe singing, I believe, Bob told all necessary about a technical aspects  and I want to tell you don`t just copynd, but did it your own way, it`s cool. Keep singing!

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    sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    @faraway guy.

    Good job on this song.  One suggestion I would have is to brighten up your vowel sounds.  You are singing the Love with more of the OH vowel if you listen back you may notice it.  Try singing it with a straight on Ah vowel.  Just like we practise in the exercises.  That will keep the tone consistent and help you to maintain the pitch as well. 
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    FarawayGuyFarawayGuy Pro Posts: 38
    Thank you @sspatrick for this notice, you are absolutely right and sure I will try the Ah vowel in "Love"! I'm sure it will help a lot.

    Thanx @MichaelS for support!

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    smpzpiratesmpzpirate Member, 2.0 PRO Posts: 9
    With absolute respect at putting yourself on the line....

    At the moment you are not hitting the notes on the chorus.  What happens when you sing the G4 in the chorus 'i FEEL LIKE making love'?  'Feel' and 'like' are both G4.

    Everything you sing, even in the the verse is geared towards an 'Oh' and trying to sing that vowel in a big round sound like that is just going to result in trapping you in your chest voice.  Man, you can push as hard as you like with your diaphragm there are you'll still hit a wall.

    Just a suggestion but I find the 'EH' as in 'let' or YEAH as helpful sound to help find my mid voice.  Try not to over sing it just, once you feel warmed up try doing the chorus replacing the words with a 'LAH' sound first sliding from note to note and if you can't do that try replacing the 6 syllables 'I feel like making love' with 'Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah'.  This sound lends itself to the throat remaining open and you will know if it sounds shouty, just relax and try it again with a little yawn but a nice full sound (not forced) on the D4 then try just the jump from D4 to G4 back to D4 'Yeah Yeah Yeah' keeping it smooth. If that is alien to you go back and do the LAH or even LAA for you and do the same thing - break it down and try the D4 to the G4 and back to D4 jus on a sliding 'LAAAAAHHH' keeping it bright and not 'LOOOOH'.  Put a slight yawn in as you do it but don't swallow the sound if you know what I mean.  That EH sound will help you not close down the EE in FEEL also.

    That should lead you not getting overly tensed up a forcing the support thing so that it works against you.  There is a difference between locking you belly and providing yourself with enough air to do the job and having control, through your diaphragm and stomach muscles, of the air.

    I noticed you said you have a vocal teacher but they are teaching you to produce sounds that are too dark to make that area of notes you are talking about work for you.  

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    FarawayGuyFarawayGuy Pro Posts: 38
    smpzpirate, thank you for such a thorough analysis and detailed peace of advice! Tomorrow I will practice for a couple of hours in a studio and will try all these things. I do see strong reason in what you suggest and hope I will cope with it.
    You are right about the teacher in a way. But what I like about him is that he doesn't push me with any particular technique (like SLS or else) - just gives me the main basics, we do some warmups and he helps me much to find songs that fit my temper and range. So I consider him and KTVA as a good combination for me.
    Once again thank you for listening and for the great responce. I will let you know if I make any progress or not.
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