Hey there i'm Lucifer

Hi, Im Lucifer and im about to buy the course very soon (I just have to wait till next Sunday for pocket money). I'm a 14-year-old male baritone and I sing mainly glam metal, power metal and heavy metal. i did buy another vocal course on my birthday but the results were lack luster to say the least. some of my singing influences in no specific order are
bruce Dickinson
nils molin
miljenko matijevic
Sebastian bach
marc hudson
zp heart
Michael kiske
axl rose
so before that inevitable day just over a week from now when I buy the course is there anything I should know before hand? oh and last thing I wouldn't consider myself naturally talented by any strength of the imagination but when in music class my teacher did realise that I had an abnormally wide range for my age and amount of training from c1 to c#6.


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