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What do you think about this exercise to strengthen upper chest?

Hello, if you've read any of my earlier posts, you know I am a a tenor who is trying to strengthen upper chest voice. My F#4s and G4 (G4 is my highest note in chest at the moment) are relatively inconsistent and need strengthening. Sometimes they crack but I will definitely crack on G#4. I'm implementing a lot of Ken's scales from YouTube since I don't have the course. I'm planning to implement a relative unorthodox scale into my practice regiment and I would like some opinions on it.

Basically, its the tri-tone LA-AH (i.e. F#3-A#3-C#4-F#4-C#4-A#3-F#3) with vowel mod of course, but since my voice cracks and flips up at that G4+, I plan to build strength by letting the flip into falsetto occur, but carrying the support through the falsetto and back into chest; I will continue to engage support muscles as if I am hitting the note in full voice, but I'm not forcing my voice to do something it's not yet strong enough to do. I am not letting a ton of air out because this would dry the cords, I am simply letting the break occur but carrying the sensation of support through the entire scale. Then overtime, with the constant support, the vocal cords will become strong enough to stay together instead of coming apart. What do y'all think of this approach? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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