hello any one in the forum pls connect with me so we can help both of us .......

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every day my vocal practice goes to from...

Warm up
Pitch accuracy
Agility vocals
High notes exercise
Resonance ( hum, nae, nya, ng sound)
Your chest exercise
And after 1 or 2 more I start to sing one or 2 songs
And this goes everyday but my chest voice gets loose every time because after practicing high note exercise, my voice gets in mode of mixed voice. And my chest voice is very hard to reach or sing in lower,,,, and head voice is start cracking after a certain point not on starting. And 1 months ago my head voice is purely good.... But after I tried my vocals to go more high note and loudy to sing high notes song.... So is it's that's the reason that my head voice gets cracky and my chest voice is very loose only my mixed voice is ok but is tough to sing ..... Is it my exercise is wrong or I need something to focus on.... Pls guide me what I need to do...... Thank you

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