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What do you think about this exercise to stregthen/expand upper chest?

Hello, if you have seen my recent posts, you know I am a tenor who is trying to strengthen and expand their upper chest voice/call register. My highest note in chest is an incosistent G4. Sometimes it cracks, but I will definitely crack on G#4. I have watched many of Ken's videos on chest voice, his most ispirational video for me being his scales with Yuji Suzuki. I am planning to add a scale to my practice regiment that is quite unorthodox, in my opinion, so I would like some input on it. I do not have the course.

The scale is Ken's LA-AH scale (i.e. G3-B3-D4-G4-D4-B3-G3) that is all over his YouTube channel. Of course I will do the full voice scales on upper chest notes that are consistent, but to slowly build strength to inconsistent/cracking notes, I am planning to let the flip into falsetto occur, but I will carry the support sensation throughout the entire scale; even if I flip, I will continue to support as if I was hitting the note in full voice. I'm not forcing my voice to do something it can't yet do, but overtime, the cords will be strong eonugh to come together strongly so that I get a clear and bright sound. What do y'all think about this approach? Is it flawed? Does it seem plausible? Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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    This seems ok, but if the flip or yodel happens, then you should not use this approach, instead back off the sound for a smooth connection and work from there.
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