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My Way - Frank Sinatra (Cover)

Hey folks,

I´ve started the program one week ago and even though I really hate listening to my own voice I´ve decided to record ONE song in order to measure my development later on. I won´t try singing more songs before I´m done with volume one from this point on.

I took My Way in a lower key to avoid too much pressure (even though I´m used to singing in much higher pitches) and focus on relaxed vocals.

I´d appreciate any kind of feedback. :)

Cheers from Berlin and stay safe and sound in these tough times!




  • SlavicbeardSlavicbeard 2.0 PRO Posts: 36
    Would it help to make the keyboard sound a bit louder next time? I reckon it´s making the whole record unpleasant to listen to (on top of the flaws in my my voice lol).
  • aarsenault12aarsenault12 Pro Posts: 27
    Personally, I like the tone of your voice, you shouldn't hate it, i feel that when you sing higher there isn't that much tension which is good, you must have previous lessons because for only one week, it's really good. Personally i wouldn't limit to one song before you end volume 1, because you might spend a lot of time on it and you can evolve your palet doing do.
  • 5050BluSam5050BluSam 2.0 PRO Posts: 7
    I would limit to one or two songs. I find that as my voice developed if I went back to a song that I sang when I first started I went back to some of my bad habits which take time to correct. Your voice has some lovely warm sounds to ut
  • Larrjustice5Larrjustice5 Member Posts: 2
    I really like this. I think you do a great job of landing on the vowels, but gives you a nice controlled vibrato. Sounds like you could a little more breath support...but that will come with time. Keep it up!
  • kevinwaynekevinwayne Member Posts: 64
    Not bad, as far as I can tell |m/
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