Audition Video with Pop song "Mean It" by Lauv and Lany and "Per la Gloria" plus some beatboxing

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How is my singing, breath support, etc? I've been singing off and on and since choir in middle school through some of college. It's been a journey for sure and I still see a ways to go.



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    nvm I fixed it
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    Youve actually got something pretty good going on there. The first song was too staccato and your breath was all over the place, but the second song really allowed you to let your vocal shine. There is good resonance and tone, if you really concentrated on honing your technique with the course, I think youll be able to take your voice far from where it is now.

    I see you have had the course for quite a while now, but I suspect you havent been consistent in your practice? The basic Lah triads are best for us if you really want to break down your technique, 8 mins is a long time to listen and I only listened to snippets of the whole thing. Pop them in the student area when you are ready.
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    @Wigs Okay, thank you so much for your valuable feedback! You're right that my practice with the course has been inconsistent. I will get practicing on the Lah triads and other lessons/workouts in the course, and then when I'm ready, I'll post them in the student area separately.
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