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My vocals sound muddy - should I buy a mixer? What do you recommend for beginners?

Hi, I have been recording in Smule and my vocals sound so muddy and no matter what I do, turn off any effect like reverb, ...etc. It still sounds bad. Everybody complains about it as I have been recently competing in the Collaborative Demos competitions. So I'm now recording using my phone and "Voice Recorder" and playing the karaoke on youtube off my Samsung TabA. It is much clearer but now I wonder if it is time to purchase a mixer or something? I also play keyboards some (trained in classical piano as a child for 4 years and was showcased in Young Musician recitals at the University of Colorado twice!) so would like to mix that as well. Any ideas for someone who is a bit technical (I have a degree in Computer Science) although hardware has always scared me. However, once I overcome my fear I do great. I'm more of a languages person and creative person. LOL and I hate reading technical stuff.

So any suggestions?


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