Still a mystery, Ken Tamplin - sung by me :)

Hey everybody,

I would like to share with you my attempt to sing one of Ken´s beatiful songs - Still a mystery.

I haven´t sent any song before, only scales, so this would be my first try. 

Well, after hearing myself, I´m not very satisfied - what makes me really upset is the pitch issue - I never have any problems with pitch, unless singing with headphones on - I don´t know why but it is so difficult to control my voice - really uncomfortable - would you have any tips?

I would also appreciate any other comments. Want to know what to focus on. (my guess is "support", as always :))

Well - here it is:

Thank you and good singing to everybody!



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    By the way - considering the pitch issue - It´s much better to listen when the drums come in - I hate the beginning :)
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    Sounds good, even the bare vocal tracks sound very accurate.

    When recording, be sure to keep both ears covered by the headphones.  If you take one ear cup off this could lead to pitch problems.  The differential in pressure between the two ears can cause intonation difficulties.


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    @highmtn , @cgreen

    Thank you both.. I am sometimes maybe too critical to myself, but that´s just me... 

    Well, it is true that I haven´t spent so many hours working on this song, I just wanted to give it a try and to record how I was able to cope with a random song.
    I am recognizing that I no longer feel tension so much and I can use my diaphragm. Yet still I´m confused with the pitch - it doesn´t cause me problems, unless using headphones ( Bob, I always have both ears covered - otherwise it´s crazy to me), OR singing live. I am totally able to hit the note, but don´t know where exactly it is :) -  - Two reasons are in my mind - lack of brightness or some kind of frighteness? Does it sound bright enough to you?

    I have one more questions to you... According to this post and my previous demonstrations, do you think I am ready to the next stage - Volume 3? 

    Thank you both again :)


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    I think you can move on to Volume 3 if you feel you are ready. 

    You've already waited a while, and you sound like you're holding your own.  I think you'll do fine.  Good for you for staying with it on Volume 2 to make sure you got the full benefit of all of the exercises and lessons there.

    Headphones can give some singers difficulties, just because of the difference in pressure on the ears as compared to hearing in the open air.  They can be really loud.  My ears often ring after wearing headphones.


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    Thank you Bob,

    I guess I have to get used to singing with headphones on.

    Well, that are great news, I can´t wait to jump into Volume 3! However, I have to first save some money for buying it, which gives me some more time to work on Vol 2.

    I am also going to record a cover to Bon Jovi´s "You give love a bad name" for the KTVA competition. Man, I wish I won it, Im eager to have a lesson with Ken personally!

    Goog singing!


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346

    Good Luck, Vlad!


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