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i need someone to tell me whats going on , wigs

So you are saying for the same high note, if it's airy there is pain, but in a chest voice there is no pain?

yes like just imagine you are singing in head voice lower or mixed voice because mostly my pain starts in mixed voice and head voice lower(as ken tamplin said fluty sound) but its not always , in the past i have a right year pain but i recovered from that and now its left ear pain leemee give you exact scene ''''' so when i sing in mixed voice because i mostly sings in mixed until i found ken tamplin , my left ear muscles(just above the edge of jawline and below your ear) ......now according to me there may be reasons like

1. my chest is not so strong that there is no foundation so thats why my chest voice and head voice has a problem may be
2 . may it is tonsil infection on left of my throat muscles and that causing pain( but not sure since pain is only in mixed voive and head voice fluty)
so in nutshell my ear pain starts when i turn into mixed voice and fluty head voice mostly but only in left ear .
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