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Hello, everyone! I’m new to real/professional singing lessons. I’ve no real professional musical background, though I have been singing (bit of a long story to this). I’ve taught myself music, first got into tin whistle, then moved on to flute. I’ve learnt the basics of music by myself (how to red music sheets, arpeggios, minor and major scales) and now I’d like to work on the thing I avoided all my life: my voice. I’m currently working on volume 1 of the course. But from what I tested myself on the piano keyboard, my chest range is C3-C5. I think that would make me a female tenor. My question is which of the audio exercises I should do from vol.1? The dudes’ starter or the divas? So far I started with the dude exercises. With the divas scales I can only do roughly only the first 3 triads without sliding into head voice. Should I remain with the dude scales? Or try to keep up with the divas?

Lots of thanks for your suggestions! 🙏🏼


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