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Could someone point me to the "right" song for my voice? I don't sound good

Hello everyone,
I'm Victoria, and I believe I have some sorf of soprano. I've been doing the course for 8 months now, and I've been trying different songs (cause I also have a band), but it just seems I don't sound good. It might be because chosen songs don't fit me, or I simply am at the bottom. Anyway, I do hope someone could give me a tip or specific songs that may fit me, cause I'm lost.

I tried some songs of Adele and Lady Gaga, but it's too low for me. I tried Sharon den Adel, but it's too high and I'm not there yet.
I was advised to try some jazz songs to work on my chest register, but frankly speaking I know just a few and they definitely aren't for beginners like me.

Here are some songs of me singing in Smule, so you can get the idea of what type of voice I have. I know that it's soprano, but that's it. Really looking forward to any piece of advice or suggestion.


Lady Gaga - Is That Alright? (you can hear I can't even reach low notes)

WT - Whole World Is Watching (comfortable, but didn't quite reach the highest)

Birfdy - People Help The People (recorded just now for better understanding the vocal type)


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