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hi brother and sisters, i need a suggetion

since my chesst voice is really week so im practicing more and more on chest voice but, suppose if im practicing 80% ON CHEST and rest on mixed and head, so does it make week my mixed voice and head voice because after workout i can't go higher but i can sing in lower that i wasn't able to do before , or i should keep doing it since after development of robust chest voice its easy abd healthy to increase my mixed and head voice and thats the perfect way to approach , thx


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    KaizerKaizer 2.0 PRO Posts: 164
    edited February 2021 Answer ✓
    Hey Archit. I'm still very much in the same lane as you haha, but from what I've been told, building chest won't make your mixed or head voice weak in the beginning because building chest in the beginning is meant to be a foundational thing. It's like building a bridge. You need the pillars to hold the bridge up in order for the rest of the bridge to be fully functional and at it's best, you know what I mean? So make sure that you have the pillars strong and steady, and then when it's time, you can focus on the roads and the surfaces and everything more (mixed voice, head voice, etc) and you can hone in on building and strengthening them more so that you have an overall balanced voice. Hope this helped.

    - Kaizer
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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,420
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    agreeing with @Kaizer , i would like to add that the best way to train your voice is following a routine that has been tried and proven to work. if you try to figure out the stuff all on your own, you will obviously have to figure out all the things by yourself, including all the mistakes that others have made before. it's like re-inventing something that is already invented. mistakes equal a waste of time, since you will have to go backwards, and you might actually ingrain bad habits, or even damage something. i would highly recommend that you look into getting the course. Ken has spent lots of money and time on how to train properly, and you could just avoid all of the tedious parts and go straight to what works. you can go to my profile page for a free sample routine that i did before buying the course. consider it a free demo :)
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