Hi all!! Another newbie here ... I'm Bird

I've been playing multiple instruments since about 8. But my main instrument of choice is guitar which I've been playing for close to 50 years - I'm a rockin 61 years sorta young :D
Been singing for probably most of my life. Besides a couple years in high school choir, I pretty much taught myself with the help of my guitar and just doing it. I always TRIED to sing everything I could from disco, R&B and anything rock. Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to develop decent pitch and have built a good ear for picking out harmonies.
But what I really need help with is stamina/longevity so I can sing more than a few songs without peddaring out and/or getting horse. Also proper breathing, well honestly I need help with everything. From what I've researched and read I'm thinking I made the right decision by enrolling here. So Hi again & I'm looking forward to working/talking/singing with everyone


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