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hi brothers and sisters

, if i just practice ken's ,

1. rock your chest voice
2.daily vocal exercise
3.head voice strengthen
4.agility exercise
5. daiphgram exercises

and 2 chesty songs , then is it okay for me since i don't have time to practice more , so i just want to know thats all is okay for me to keep my vocal in good shape for months and months.

and is there any more exercises that you want to suggest me from your youtube videos collection

one more questions um just practicing chesty songs becuase whnever i sing any higher songs my voice gets in mixed and high and chest voice get weak....so it is okay to sing chesty songs to strong chest voice......

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  • Klaus_TKlaus_T 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,410
    Accepted Answer
    hi, check out my profile page for some more exercises and a routine i created before getting the course. ideally, you would get the course and follow it, Ken has laid it out systematically for us, and you would have to reverse-engineer all of it if you wanted to come up with the best routine for you without following the course. having said that, yes it is a good idea to focus on chest, as you can atrophy it by doing too much head voice. make sure to not sing too loud. if you experience discomfort or hoarseness or something, that is a warning sign, but not having any of it is not a guarantee that you are doing everything right.
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