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In 2019, I had to cut a tour short because I thought I had damaged my voice. It felt like there was a physical barrier stopping me getting up to certain notes. I was contantly cracking/breaking even on lower notes that I used to find easy. I went to an ENT doctor to have it examined and was told that there is nothing physically wrong with my vocal chords, so I put the issue down to severe vocal strain. A year and a half on, it is still not better but I would like to get back to singing. Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be going on/how to fix it?


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    skv123159skv123159 Member Posts: 87
    I think if doctor has said there is no physical problem then it might be some mental or emotional stress or barrier
    I think you should try some yoga and breathing to bring your mind at ease and stop overthinking about it can physiologicaly affect you
    If you feel some strain try to not sing or speak for a day , play games or watch a movie to divert your mind
    I hope it helps
    I'm not a expert , even a bit something can help you I will feel happy
    Well it's common for all people due to current circumstances that we all might feel low especially we singers as we always doubt our own progress but let's enjoy the music
    Hope you get fine and go again on your tour
    Stay healthy
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    WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    If you haven't already, post some scales in the student area, we can help identify any issues much easier that way.
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    snyder6snyder6 Voice Repair Posts: 3
    I had a very similar experience and was diagnosed with muscular tension dysphonia (MTD). Certain throat muscles were engaging that shouldn't. I sang out of my throat too much and had poor air support. Any time I would try to use more diaphragmatic support, I ended up using too much air. Finding the balance was hard. Anyways... It took several specialists before it was identified as MTD. I took a full year off and didn't get any better, so I finally started singing again. The rest actually hurt me more than trying to sing through it. Anyways... long way of saying you might explore MTD. There are ways to sing more forward in the "mask" without engaging the throat as much, and you can overcome it.
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