Hi there I'm Benjamin Baird

Just want to introduce myself as I awkwardly try not to be uncool. I'm a 50 y/o dude with records, road experience, etc. My entire life has been dedicated to being a husband, father and artist.
Like some of you, I started singing cuz nobody else would. Keith Richards, and Nikki Sixx looked the coolest to my young eyes, so my thing was and is still about the art of writing a memorable and meaningful hook. Esoteric or blatant, it's all the same as long as you touch emotiin in people.
Steve Marriot is probably the voice I wish I had, and Bon Scott is the voice I get told I have albeit 2 octaves lower.
Anyway, I've been binging Ken's isolated vocals series, and a strange thing is happening. The desire to create, and record again. To do so, I need to learn how to sing, without shredding my voice. So Her I Am...full of opinions..creativity...and desire to be better at my craft....


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