Song about a person currently alive : what to do about it

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Hi everyone!

I wrote a song about a retired actress who's currently alive.

Not that the song is derogatory: it's just that I'm mainly addressing this person in the song, with all due respect.

I'm considering asking this person's permission before releasing the song: is it a bad idea?

Thank you all!

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  • PhMarnePhMarne Member Posts: 75
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    I don't mean to be rude to the person who inspired me this song, and I'm not keen on the media exposure that goes along with lawsuits: I will definitely contact the person before releasing the song. I guess I'll have to find her public relations agent.
    Thanks for your advices!
  • PhMarnePhMarne Member Posts: 75
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    I understand people do have image and personality rights, so I'd better respect them, too :smile:
    I don't know if a song is considered speech protected by the 1st amendment, as long as it is not offensive for the person it depicts...
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