hello , brothers and sisters

i want to learn and master music producing , an i do that without a course or training, im also learning a little bit on fl studio since it doesn't require instruments physically ,,, now whenever i work on fl studio to make a track or beats , i feel like first i should learn a instrument , so i can place the exact melody and beats that i have created in my mind, although i make good tracks on fl studio but they was not exact what i wanted instead they become something different,....one more question why whenever i try to make track with piano it becomes like a horror movie sounds really scary , even though i want to make a bright sound is it natural like it happens with every beginneer or its because i love dark concepts and music.................all in one should i first learn a intsrument first then go to my DAW or if i keep working on my DAW(FL STUDIO) and make many tracks after and the may be after i will become better,,, pls guide me ......

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