Heart Alone

After 1 year of KTVA plus 4 months of weekly private lessons with Sara Loera... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoQ9u7gsSDQ what do you think?


  • VocalityVocality 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,583

    Had a listen to your first demo The Carpenters posted back in February last year, just to get gauge on your progress and you really have improved a lot.

    General pitch is much more accurate in the Heart song and the vibrato has a nice smooth sound and you have a strong supported voice In the higher notes of the song.

    A little critique on the highest part sounded a little off to me, but in no doubt you will improve in that area as you practice and amazing progress for 1 year no doubt Sara is helping you achieve your goals.

    Great work great progress!

  • SkylarSkylar 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 89
    Wow, you've improved a lot! Also very impressive you were able to belt up to that high G!
  • sjonrokz4usjonrokz4u 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,285
    I agree you’ve come a long way
  • jmstanlejmstanle 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 141
    @Vocality yeah, I can't seem to get the whole song to sound correct in one take. Especially a hard song. There is always something wrong in one place or the other. Like this take my first "Till now..." is quite flat but then it is really good until the second to last "Alone" when I just don't have the air - but I sort of made it work. And then the last "Alone" I went into head voice due to lack of air but it sounds really good and Sara likes when I do that. If I could splice several takes I could have a killer version. But overall I am proud of my progress. This is a great program!
  • jmstanlejmstanle 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 141
    @Skylar Thanks so much! Yeah the KTVA workouts have really grown my chest voice. I worked on Volume 2 Diva workouts for months and months. Now I usually do them once a week and don't sing after, and then on days I am going to sing I will do an easier warm up. I am on Volume 3 now and also do those workouts periodically too.
  • jmstanlejmstanle 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 141
    @sjonrokz4u - thanks for noticing my progress!!! It's a great program I would have never imagined I would be able to sing Heart songs. My next song that I'm working on starting today with Sara is "Woman in Love" as sung by Barbara Steisand! Sara is excited she likes it when I'm daring. LOL
  • RandyBRandyB 2.0 PRO Posts: 434
    @jmstanle You’re making great progress! And I’m loving your next song choice Babs + BeeGees is 🔥! Looking forward to hearing it.
  • jmstanlejmstanle 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 141
    @RandyB Thank you so much - yeah I LOVE this song! Such great lyrics and melody.
  • SkylarSkylar 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 89
    @jmstanle That's actually really encouraging for me to hear! I'm working on volume two now and trying to stretch my chest voice as well. As a matter of fact, I've got a whole list of goal songs that I want to be able to sing. Your hard work is paying off!
  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,002
    I really like how you have grown your voice to be able to hit those notes, especially after only a year. I also know that if you keep it up you will gain heaps more control over them. At around 1:08 when you sing bone, you hit that spot on, and it's how I can imagine you singing the rest of the song. You are doing very well! 🙂
  • jmstanlejmstanle 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 141
    @Wigs thanks so much for the encouragement!!!
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