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First song I actually kinda lika with when I sing. Have not sung and trained for a long while because I lost interest but this was very empowering to do for me. Since I wan't write music I like to listen to myself.


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    Hope you have gotten back into training, its a nice tune.
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    I really like the tune, it has a great story telling quality to it with a structure that is quite captivating where the guitar stops in places to build tension, and the melody is really interesting and emotive. This type of song is totally something I would add to my playlist.

    I totally get the challenge of playing and singing at the same time, I also play guitar, and trying to be expressive through both, while getting your technique right and staying in pitch... lololll It is like I focus on support, and then pitch and playing go out the window or bad habits creep in...

    So here is one really interesting thing I noticed watching your vid. If you look at your throat while you sing, your larynx is often raising, especially when you try and go higher in pitch. You can see this because your adam's apple keeps moving up. You were often flat in the song, and I think this is because you are raising your larynx to try and move up and it is preventing you from getting to the note you want to hit. So this is a cool thing to observe as you can work on keeping it in a neutral to slightly lowered position. This will also help with your tone, which was slightly froggy at times. Ken talks about this in one of his vids.
    So the question is how are you going to get up in pitch if you are not raising your larynx? The key to this is lifting your soft palate. Ken as a video where he actually demonstrates doing this and you can see it happen in stages as he moves up in pitch while singing a scale.

    I did a post recently discussing these things where I point to a number of time stamps in Kens videos from his 2.0 coarse that zero in on these aspects of technique and it discusses how to control these components of your voice. The other component of moving up in pitch with ease is using the vowel mods. In the post below I point to where they can be found in the coarse material. It is great to have these printed out and in front of your when doing your daily workouts. It is doing the daily workouts and focusing on the development of technique that will build the muscle memory to make all this stuff work when you sing.

    Anyway I really loved the song, did you write it? I think if you apply yourself to the above points you could record a great version of it. I really think you have something there :wink:


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