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Showy Operatic-Chesty-Belting-Awesomeness Suggestions?

René RennerRené Renner Enrolled Posts: 36
Hey Dudes and Divas,
I got a request for some suggestions here. My goal as a singer is to really learn to stretch my chest voice up into my head to create a powerfull 
belted chest-head mix that blows minds while looking so handsome that my mug could actually shatter the camera it is filmed by.
While the latter is a goal that me and my mirror will have to deal with ourselves, I would be truly thankful if somebody could help me with my search for chesty belting singers. 


Somebody posted some videos of this singer around here, this is how I found this awesome vocalist as this is the sound I am striving for (though I don´t understand a word he is singing), especially the money note at 3:17. I would really like to specialize my voice to these operatic and belted tones.


Similar to 1:16, just a little less forward, more operatic and even more open.


Does anyone have some suggestions for a rock singer who does really showy chesty belting in his upper register and uses that cool mix of operatic tone while keeping his voice contemporary sounding through proper use of mask like that awe-inspiring chinese being above?
If you have any suggestions, please be so kind and just hit me (with ideas of course).

Bruce Dickinson, our´s truly Ken Tamplin, Ronnie James Dio, Tony Martin and Adam Lambert are the ones I have already looked into in regard to my search. Bruce Dickinson and Steve Lee (Gotthard) are my main influences, just striving for more operatic-chesty-belting-awesomeness now,
Any suggestions?

All the very best, god bless you all :)



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    ragnarragnar Pro Posts: 410
    edited April 2013
    Well you are right the asian dude is doing semi-opera, and I think the song is originally sung by Brightman/Bocelli, but the great rock singers don't really have an operatic approach in terms of tone so for that you would probably need to look up the big tenors; Caruso, Pavarotti, Bjorling, Plácido and so on.

    Your influences there are very reasonable, albeit they aren't really operatic, so that's a good starting point. But really the amount of fantastic rock singers through the ages is quite staggering and I would be happy to throw a bunch of names at you if you'd like, I just can't think of any recommendations from an operatic perspective.

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    René RennerRené Renner Enrolled Posts: 36
    hey ragnar!
    I might be young but have a good amount of music knowledge under my belt, especially in heavy rock. Besides Bruce Dickinson and Steve Lee I have lots of minor influences, like bon scott and myles kennedy. Just trying to expand my game a bit ;)

    I would feel truly honoured to be the first singer to use some of this tone in rock......
    I guess I am going to invent a new style of rock vocals then.....hey everybody's gotta start somewhere ;)

    Outside of rock, do you know any english singing vocalists, who use some operatic tone in their belting?

    Thank's for your comment :)


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    ragnarragnar Pro Posts: 410
    Yeah man go for it. Many of your heroes are some of my favorite singers as well. Myles Kennedy and Bon Scott for one. Brian Johnson pre 1984ish was actually awesome as well, especially before AC/DC when he fronted the band "Geordie".

    Hmm that guy who does "You Raise Me Up" sings operatic in a contemporary format. What's his name again.... Josh Groban!
    I haven't heard that much from him so I'm not sure how high he gets, but he's certainly an accomplished singer.

    Mike Patton from "Faith No More" is known for his very diverse style, including operatic. I'm not very familiar with the band though since I was not particularly fond of what I have heard from them.
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    MichaelSMichaelS Pro Posts: 73

    Hey Rene, look at this:


    and, by the way  isn't that the operatic sound? 


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    René RennerRené Renner Enrolled Posts: 36
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    yeah I know Mike Patton, great singer, especially fond of his "guttural" stuff.
    I have checked out his operatic music before, been a long time, guess I will listen more closely this time!
    Don't really care for Josh Groban's vocals as I am in for some heavier singing.

    Actually listening to my voice, I really like my high tenor perry/lee/kennedy/dickinson kind of wailing but I absolutely would strike some nerves hitting opera money notes like my high D and E, which I often make very full and operatic sounding.
    I actually pull up my chest-head mix to an F5, sometimes to the G and G# but usually avoid doing it too often and I occasionally get dizzy as my throat now is so open, I am actually planning on building a mansion in it, just so much space ;D

    I like pavarotti and caruso, guess I am gonna check these masters out more closely ;)

    Great italian vocalists here, wow!!!
    Absolutely adore their work on nessun dorma, the guy on the left has got a fabolous opera tone, reminded me of mario lanza with superior use of mask.
    Nessun dorma is one of my favourite songs and I particularly like the version of famous italian singer albano carrisi


    Great mix of classic and contemporary tone!

    I normally like freddie mercury's singing and music, but I prefer huge belting- wailing-awesomeness, causing yet another big bang, creating another universe.....does that make any sense?

    I am sincerely thankful for the suggestions of both of you!

    Cheers :)

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    MichaelSMichaelS Pro Posts: 73

    @ Rene

    You really suprise me with Albano  Carrisi, thanks. He was famous with pop song Felicita, i never thought that he can sing operatic :^) Italy - the land of singing....

    look at this guy,  you mean this way of singing? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLZWEy8EDt4

    I noticed two curious things:operatic singing in rock more often meets in Europe, than in the USA and for female voices more often than for the male's. I understand, your interest is male vocal, but listen to this, so crazy mix of genres and operatic vocal: 


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    René RennerRené Renner Enrolled Posts: 36
    edited May 2013

    Ah this Diablo Swing Orchestra song isn´t really my style. Very much appreciate the effort though!

    On the other hand, I am completely flashed by this singer with the accordion who is a big inspiration. Awesome voice and great control. Seems to be really working his diaphragm! He would absolutely be worth a thread  alone!

    Yeah I really like albano, although I am a hard rock vocalist, I still listen to lots of stuff outside the box.

    Albano, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jill Hennessy, hey even Psy ;)

    The most perfect example of the tone I would like to include to my repertoire is between 1:30 and 1:40!


    That metalic, bright and still operatic and big sounding noble belting.



    3:27 would be a good example as well!


    Good point about Europe, could be because of a tight bond and connection to operatic history!

    Italy could really be the closest to opera as it is a firm part of the country.

    Pavarotti, Caruso, Lanza, Domingo, Bocelli, you could go on and on!


    All the best :)








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