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Possible Isolated tracks

Dude, I'm so digging this whole trip. Albeit they're there and I'm here but Def Leppard' post today was insane. I haven't cared for them since High n Dry. No disrespect, just my opinion.
I have sent singers packing for performances better than this scratch track. My method is just that my method.
Again, I live voices like Davis Ruffin, Bon Scott, and Teve Marriot, and a litany of female voices. Even Waylon Jennings in country. I can't think of a better voice in all of C&W than Waylon honestly.
That said, this realy sews up what I've felt since seeing them live. That be as it may, I realize, I don't know your aquisition process, but here's some suggestions, for what it's worth.
Here Comes the Sun
Are you Sure Hank Done it This Way
My Kinda of Lover...( I'd really love to hear Squire isolated) love his voice and awful technique
30 Days in the Hole or I don't Need No Doctor
Billy Idol anything really.
Bon Scott ( Mutt Lange to see how much was a take and how much Mutt cobbled together) All the Vanda and Youngg stuff is great. Better perfor,ances IMHO.
Knowing that I've ventured off of the beaten path, the lower register guys are all pretty incredible.
And..as I'm sure you have too...Ive heard in my head such a great performance, heard my voice do what I wanted, only to be crushed in playback, by my accent, which is huge in syllables, and sustained notes, etc. So, hearing this from a song I don't like but is a huge hit, does make it human. Cool man.
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