Ambrosia- How much I feel

Hello fellow vocalists. This is my first time posting a song on this forum. Please check it out. https://www.smule.com/sing-recording/191455166_3621946904


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    edited March 2021
    @Richmed63, great effort mate. I felt you did great job at articulating the melody and phrasing of the song. There was also quite a bit of technique required for that song, and for the most part I think you did it pretty well. I felt one of your "... that's how much...."s was a tiny bit off in pitch, but really I think you did a great job on pitch overall. I am sure others with more experience will give you a better critique on a technical level, but I really enjoyed it, great work.
  • Richmed63Richmed63 Member Posts: 9
    That’s for the critique. I truly appreciate your honest input. Very constructive.
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