Hi Everybody

Hi everybody,

I'm Donny Collins from Statesboro, GA. I've been singing since I was a freshman in high school in 1987. I'm a baritone and I'm very jealous of tenors, LOL! There...I put it out there. LOL! I play piano and a little bit of guitar. I've written some songs over the years and I'm really interested in production. I started off with Cakewalk years ago and Studio One is my main DAW now. I also really enjoy Harrison Consoles MixBus and MixBus 32C. I'm looking forward to participating here and improving my vocals.



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    codeowlcodeowl 2.0 PRO Posts: 305

    Hey mate, welcome to the forums. I have been using a little Focusrite 2I4 to get my guitar and vocal into the PC and using Reaper to do the mixing and editing. I have a set of SHURE SRH1440 open back headphones which I find great for singing with. I struggled with closed back headphones when doing low notes.
    There is tons of great info here I am sure you will find useful.


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