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Chord Closure and Chest Range Questions

Hi everybody,

What is chord closure? If I'm thinking correctly, it's the "pureness" of the sound coming out...does that sound correct? The absence of airiness? For example, I'm 47 now my head voice feels a lot more airy and raspy than it was when I was younger, so means my chord closure is not as good. I'm I thinking of that correctly?

Also, I'm a bariton and my chest voice tops out about E4 and I've always wanted that to be higher, like A4 maybe. I've always been very jealous of tenors, LOL! Can I realistically expect my actual chest voice range to increase, or should I focus more on getting my mixed voice better, so I can transition seamlessly between the chest and head voice and then really expand my range? I think the latter is what I want to do. My head voice used to be really good when I was younger and I'd really love to get that back and of course mixing it into the chest voice.




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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,407
    edited March 2021
    cord closure means that the vocal cords align correctly and seal off the air when not phonating, and when they do, they only let enough air escape to form the note. which results in a bright tone. so the LAH ping indicates good closure, that's why Ken stresses it so much.

    you can increase your chest range, it takes time though. your best bet would be to follow the course, it takes the guesswork out of what to exercise, since it is laid out in a specific sequence
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