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I have pretty severe post-nasel drip. I need to clear my throat constantly during exercises, especially for the first 20 minutes. I take or have taken every allergy prescription there is and this is as as good as I get, but it's still a problem.

Sometimes I'll drink orange juice when it's really bad, the acid seems to clear my throat. Is this safe to drink for singers or will it dry me out? (I'm still on volume 1 but posting in the vocal health category.) Is there anything else that's recommended? Warm tea? Whiskey? I'm open to ideas. If I ever find myself on-stage I don't want to be spitting into the audience.


  • codeowlcodeowl 2.0 PRO Posts: 304

    Hey mate, have you seen Ken's video on the subject:

    Some other vids from Ken around the subject:


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    Awesome, thanks.
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    if you are sure it is allergy related, you could try and find a traditional chinese medicine practitioner. i had bad hayfevers during spring/summer, and thanks to some tea they gave me, i am nearly fine, at least MUCH better. i think orange juice should be ok, maybe wash it down with a bit of water, the sugar coats your vocal cords and can trick you into not noticing some problems that you would otherwise pick up on (because it lubricates the cords so you can then blast too much air and not notice, for example). my suggestion is pineapple juice, i drink that whenever i feel an allergy peak. same thing, chase it down with some water. also, you can add a bit of turmeric powder to your water, it is great too. another thing, use a neti pot/nose douche.

    hope it helps
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