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How to practice for a noob

Hey friends,

I'm new here. I've been signing about a month and just got started with the Ken's course last weekend. Just got through Volume 1. I'm loving it and KT's teaching expertise .. just wow, so glad I found this course.

Anyways, I want to know how to structure my practice. I come from a weight lifting background, so I totally get that singing is a muscle and should be worked with reps and sets.

I've committed to an hour a day. Should I start the the day's "workout" with the audio workout (20 to 30 mins?) and then move on to the lessons?

When do I put in "song practice time"? As a noob, maybe I should limit working on a song just to certain days while I build up muscle and technique?

In short how should I structure my daily practice as a noob, for the next say 3 months (or whatever is the right initial timeline in singing).



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