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What if a girl had an Adam's apple... ?

Hello everyone ! I hope you feeI aIright ;)

I've been and am stiII on a Iong journey. I'm discovering how to use my voice properIy. I used to sing in the Iow tenor/ baritone range when I started years ago. ActuaIIy because I was using my voice incorrectIy. I was a nervous rock guy. In fact, I'm a high tenor, if not a countertenor. I used ton sing and speak in what I caII the "strohbass" register. It is the Iowest register for maIes onIy (perhaps some contraItos can do it). I was thinking that this was my chest voice. But in fact, I was wrong. This Iocked my Iarynx down an inhibited my range. It's a reaIIy hard register to sing into and requires breath controI.

Iater on I discoverd what was my reaI chest voice. I'm not gonna go into the hoIe story cause I don't wanna bore you. But I was thinking of my voice in a bad way. I'm gonna make a before/after comparison.

Before :

Chest voice (<F#2 to F#4)
Mid voice (G4 to B4)
Head voice (C5 to F#5)

So my basic range was F#2 to F#5. I didn't know how to sing higher than an E4 in "chest" without straining. So I stretched my voice down to a B1. Yes, a B1 (in the morning). This is a register that I produced by forcing my Iarynx down and throwing the sound to the front of the cords. It Iocked my Iarynx down. I was aIso dragging the weight of this "chest voice" aII the way to the top, pushing the sound to the front of the cords beIting. This cost me my mid voice and my true head voice.

ActuaIIy, I made some personaI study on my voice by Iistenig to my recordings. I aIso made a study the femaIe vocaI mechanism. I figured out the good way to Iook at it :

-- Strohbass register : B2 to Eb4 (B2 to B3 but there are variations and it overIaps with the speaking register but I consider it to be the same register as it is not confortabIe to use)

-- Speaking register : C4 to G#4 (which I beIieved was my mid voice)

-- Mid voice : A4 to F#5 or higher (which I beIieved was my head voice)

-- Head voice : Eb5 to the top (which I couIdn't find nor use)

I'm working on buiIding the registers back up, so it is not precise. I noticed that my voice actuaIIy works Iike a femaIe voice. Not a maIe voice. Or at Ieast, this is what I feeI Iike. My BeIting tessitura starts around the D5 (where I start to modify).

Singing in this registration is now way easier and I can finaIIy feeI this reIaxation response ! When I sing, I feeI Iike I have no thoat. I've been working 2 years to figure out this probIem ! Now I've got to do the course back from the beginning, with the femaIe workout. (Voume 1 starters go to a G#5, which I feeI comfortabIe doing.)

AII this to argue and justify my question. I feeI Iike my tessitura is around the soprano (maybe a Iight mezzo) voice type. I can beIt in their register, but my head register is Iimited. I can't go reaIIy high and I bIow it out reaIIy easeIy. Maybe because I've bIown my voice and now I have to find and buiId that register.

Does the adam's appIe pIay any roIe in range ?

Iet's assume you are Iistenig to a soprano. Then, you cast a speII on her and bam ! She has an Adam's appIe. WiII this affect her voice ?

It might seem ridicuIous, but the answer to this question wiII reaIIy heIp me understand how to use my voice type.

Thanks in advance !

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  • skv123159skv123159 Member Posts: 87
    Wow great man half of the things I didn't read as I could understand but I can surely tell you have a great music knowledge support which is cool
    Well I can tell you even girls have Adams apple or whatever it's called but I understand what you are referring to
    I don't know for sure but I heard from people that if it's down then you have a dark sound and if it's raised you have a more Mickey mouse kind of sound but I don't know
    Well I believe it should at neutral and when we are singing we need to focus more on breath and tension relief rather than the apple thing
    The apple thing should freely move
    Hope it helps
    I'm not into these kind of technical stuffs but hope it helps
    Happy singing
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