Celebrity Skin vocal cover

celebrity skin by hole

just releasing energy at home, what do you think?


  • skv123159skv123159 Member Posts: 87
    Feeling the passion man
    Your lows are soo good
    At 0:39 that low was great
    I recommend start with the low and go to your normal then again go to that low and keep playing with it that low add a good taste to the sound
    I enjoyed it
    Thank for singing
    Keep singing
  • esequiboesequibo Member Posts: 47
    thanks for your comment
    i don't think my lows are that impressive, i mean, maybe in context they are
    but actually my voice is kinda weak below g2
    i'm finding out that to sing tenor u just have to put a certain face instead of trying to reach higher notes, i think Ken explains this in one of his videos but probably he uses other words
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