3/23/21 6:20pmPDT: Hi!

Here's The Link: All Comments n Suggs Welcome.
Also if you tap on the ▶ profile picture Bubble at the top left it will navigate you to a 2nd Song> RATT>> ROUND AND ROUND.

@Ken Tamplin
@Ken Tamplin



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    RandyBRandyB 2.0 PRO Posts: 450
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    FTATR I feel could use a bit more restraint. But I rather like R&R. I think you’ve got a strong voice and some solid technical ability, and I don’t think many of the other people who hopefully will give your tracks a listen and respond will argue that point. Where I feel you need the most work currently, especially since it seems like you are a gigging musician, is in your artistic choices. In your efforts to put your stamp on the song, I think you tend to go off the rails. I would encourage you to dial things back, nail a solid melody—make that the meat and potatoes of your performance. Use the vocal gymnastics you’ve undoubtedly worked hard to achieve act as the spice, the thing that adds flavor to the performance. And remember, too little spice leaves you food bland, but too much can render it inedible as well. Right now on 3 of the tracks I’ve heard from you you’ve fed me nothing but spice. R&R is the exception. Give me a full meal! You can definitely rock though. You get the finesse part of performing down and I might be buying your records...wait, do we still do that???
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    HollywoodHollywood Member Posts: 27
    3/23/21 711pmPST

    @RandyB !! ... hey my Friend! THANK YOU!! Just got this notification but my phone is now at 5%. I'm going to charge it where I eat dinner.. so speaking of a full meal.. 😄.

    I want to respond 'in full'.. (in keeping with the Theme here..haha). So I will need to go to dinner first charge it and then I'll respond later. ☺

    Hey RandyB also.. I left a lengthy reply under the ZEP song. Pls >>✔check it out.

    Also RandyB.. when you checked out the ACDC song did you tap the profile bubble my picture top left corner of vid.. and did you check ✔out the RATT ROUND AND ROUND song?? what did you think of the ROUND AND ROUND song?

    OK.. gotta RNR now.. 😄

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    RandyBRandyB 2.0 PRO Posts: 450
    Yes, I listened to both and reference them above by their initialisms. FTAR=For Those About to Rock, R&R=Round and Round
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    codeowlcodeowl 2.0 PRO Posts: 305
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    Hey mate, first of all I will say I am impressed by your range, and some of those high notes were pretty epic.

    Some parts of your take on this song were pretty cool, and others sounded way out of place to my ears. (Disclaimer, I am an Aussie and grew up on AC/DC from Bon to Brian)

    For example, here was some parts I really dug:
    The little "wow, wow"s you did at 1:44, while not like ac/dc, did sound pretty cool, and fit the track well I thought.
    The high note you did, from 2:54 secs to 2:56 secs was totally epic, and I loved that Axel Rose type of distorted tone you got there. The way it started from around 2:50 secs was not doin it for me and was just way over the top, but then from 2:54 - 2:56 you reined it in and focused it and man it was awesome.

    Here are some parts I didn't:
    The "need" from "give you everything you need" at the 29 sec mark was sounding really over sang and out of place.
    Same goes for the "rock" in "for those about to rock" at the 47 sec mark.

    Go back and have a listen to these parts and see how these bits sound to you.

    So I am agreeing with @RandyB here. You have some great abilities, but a lot of the track sounded like you were going to the extremes of your abilities, like you were trying to pack everything you could do into the one song. AC/DC are very melodic in their songs. I remember hearing Jessy J, (a phenomenal singer in the UK, who has amazing technical skill, and some really cool songs), talk about going over the top in her performances. She would do these things that would demonstrate her abilities at a technical level, like very rapidly kind of stutter the word "no" in high pitch, but that were kind of irritating to listen to and, not really taking people in like some of her other songs do where she emotes with great stories. She talked about how some close friends told her it was just to over the top and make it a bit like a circus show... and how she had to rein it in as you can get carried away indulging yourself and then look up and you have lost everyone. What you really want to do is take people on a journey, give them something they can identify and connect with. Like when I listen to Those About To Rock, it starts off with Angus (lead) on that B major dyad chirping out, and then down to the minor... like a war time siren ringing out to get ready, and brace yourself for battle.... the song is coming. Then Malcolm (rhythm RIP) comes in with just single strums of each cord, adding the weight to the tension being built by Angus and the drums come in with a single beat (or in the live version they do a "tiss" on the symbol) of each bar, teasing the power of what is to come. After the intro builds, they break into another round where Angus blends in more and focus moves to Brian groaning amidst the weight of the tension being built from the restraint in the intro, they then lock into a solid story telling melody. It is powerful, and predictable, and it tells a story, and because of the predictability of it people can easily use it to tell their story, and man it feels good when they do. The verse builds slightly towards the end, and then they lock into the melody of the chorus. Again this is powerful and predictable. The emphasis is totally on the story and the melody, and because the way they do this, people can easily jump on board. Really the band was so talented, and their songs so well put together. But I guess the point I am making is they exercise a lot of restraint and build up the tension before they get to the bits where they cut loose a bit more, and even when they do, they have build up to that spot, they haven't just jumped to an extreme, they have got everyone on board, kept the melody intact and slowly added some more steam, and when they drop it back a gear and put the foot down near the end, it doesn't depart from everything they have built... the melody, the driving force, its all there, and its masterfully done.

    I have a challenge for you, if you are up for it?

    The Challenge - Part 1:
    For part one of this challenge pick a song that is not to massive or to over the top, but that you like and see if you can just nail the melody and feel of the song as the artist sings it. Focus on how the artist sings it, and see how closely and accurately you can replicate it. Then record your best most honest true rendition of their version, not adding anything to it, but just doing it as close as you can to how they do it. Really listen to their phrasing, notes of the melody, tone, and feel of the song, and replicate it as close as you can. Think how you can apply aspects of Ken's technique to get as close as you can to the original song, and record yourself doing this version. You need to be really disciplined here as the aim of part 1 is to replicate their version, as closely as possible.

    The Challenge - Part 2:
    For part two of this challenge you are going to add 3 subtle changes to the song that you think add value to it.
    You can experiment with whatever you like, but you have a hard limit of three changes to the song.
    Record all your experiments, and listen back to them, and then pick the 3 that you think add the most value to the song. So nothing to over the top or in your face, just some nice changes, could be some phrasing mods, or melody embellishments, etc.. but your aim is to develop some things that really fit the song and add value.
    Once you have worked out the 3 things you are going to add, record this second version.

    This challenge is designed to do two things:
    1. Set your focus on technique, in applying Ken's technique to replicate the original artists version as closely as you can.
    2. Set your focus on bringing only things of value to the song, and as the challenge sets you a hard limit and you can't add everything, so you will focus listening to your experiments and determining what adds the most value and then only picking the 3 most valuable. So for this challenge you force yourself to rein it back from the unbridled cut loose hitting people with everything you've got by following the rules of the challenge to pick only the top three things.

    I think this would be a great experiment to exercise constraint and would also help to get you focused on trying a heap of things, but only keeping stuff that adds value to the track,

    I am actually pretty intrigued to see if you do this, what you come up with :smile:
    It would be great if you posted both versions here once you did, I would really love to see how you go :wink:

    Good luck my friend!


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    HollywoodHollywood Member Posts: 27
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    3/24 Ahoy there @RandyB !! You are the 1rst! That's Special. I can see you created interest and it's very much appreciated!

    Recently.. Melody has been the flashing neon light for me. You definitely confirmed my internal thoughts that have been marinating.. and now... your nod is like a signal to me to go ahead n unlock the flavors. Probably everyone needs a 'Nod' now and again.

    So.. @RandyB .. our conversation has sparked some reflection in that this Wild Horse prefers spontaneity and doesn't like the thought of ever being restrained or reined in. Nonetheless, Melodies consist of structural elements such as: basic range, repeating elements & rhythmically ordered movement from pitch to pitch. So.. then.. Balance.

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction and providing me with Your ProTools! And of course, appreciation goes out to Captain Ken, as well, for creating the Forum.

    Hey @RandyB .. you certainly have a way with words! So I gotta get busy with this Recipe. . make some edible palatable 'stamps' and get the spicin' just right cz I sure don't want you to go hungry!

    My Friend, not only do you have a way with words but you're sure know how to make a girl blush. That's a big Compliment coming from a PRO like You.. and the answer is YES! YES! aannd YES!
    >> acc to Statista by Felix Richter..
    Jan 15, 2021:>> """Continuing one of the more surprising comebacks of the digital age, vinyl album sales in the United States have grown for the 15th consecutive year. In 2020, 27.5 million LPs were sold in the United States, up 46 percent compared to 2019 and more than 30-fold compared to 2006 when the vinyl comeback began.""" Impressive.. eh? >

    > @RandyB .. you say you want a ""full meal!""..so then.. I'll just have to do it!


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    HollywoodHollywood Member Posts: 27
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    3/25 12:57AM THURS (3/24 WED LATE NIGHT)

    Ahoy there Scotty!

    Am I up for.. THE CHALLENGE?!

    The Answer is a resounding.. YES! YES! YES!

    Hey mate.. thank you sooo much for taking the time to 'give a listen'.. as RandyB says.

    Your comments are so very very!..helpful! And the fact that a PRO like you put forth the time to breakitdown offers me great encouragement and inspiration!

    I really apologize to you, Scotty, for not getting back to you earlier in the day! I was so excited and AMPED!.. when I saw your message.. I wanted to drop what I was doing and jump right into the exercises you are recommending! At the moment, though, it's Tax Season and in the last few days, I've had some important appointments and assignments that are very time sensitive and very time-consuming.

    I really hope, Scotty, that my delayed response will not be interpreted as a sign of disinterest or nonchalance because.. believe me.. I would much rather be engaged in singing related activities ALL day and Everyday! So I hope you understand, Scotty, because I take your instructions Very Seriously. I want to get back to you and address your breakitdown comments plus I want to check out Jessy J. Also, I find the comments you made about AC DC's structural recipe.. fascinating.

    I'm targeting my detailed response for late evening tomorrow (technically.. later today). This is a courtesy message just to relay to you that I did see, and am, very!.. enthused by your comments.

    Thanks so much again Scotty!.. and I am looking forward to speaking to you later on today.


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    HollywoodHollywood Member Posts: 27
    2nd Msg To Scotty:

    3/25 9:04pm THUR

    Hey mate!

    I said I would respond late night tonight. And so it's 9:04 pm. Bcz I take you very seriously as an Instructor, Scotty, I want to respond as quickly as possible and I want to keep the Momentum going.

    Scotty.. I hope that you will read the 1rst Message (Reply) I sent you.. which is dated >> >> 3/24 12:57pm WED LATE NIGHT. It's detailed.

    OK.. more of the same as yesterday.. Taxes.

    However.. I did get started! Yay!

    So Scotty, I jumped into the things that you did NOT like first. RE the 29 & 47 sec marks.. those two notes sounded exactly alike. Yes.. I get it.. those notes really DO sound out of place. Wow, you have such a 'good ear'! Okay, my Friend, that's all I've got for today. Even if it's two Tiny Steps it's better than no steps. Ordinarily.. I have two to three hours to put towards singing per day. So, no worries, a little of a rough start out of the Gate.. but I'll Git~R~Done.

    And.. I hope you'll stay tuned, my Friend!
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    codeowlcodeowl 2.0 PRO Posts: 305
    edited March 2021

    Hey mate, don't sweat it, I am happy you found something useful in my comments, but there is no time limit mate :-) It's great you are up for the "challenge"!, but take your time and focus your attention on the result, and you will do great.

    By the way, I am just another student like you. I am only on volume one of the course and so I'm far from an instructor or pro. I work in IT and most of our discussions go into lots of detail. We have to test everything to be sure it actually does what we think it does, and we have to be able to explain it to others. So this way of thinking seems to overflow into most other things I do, which I actually find pretty great. I like trying to get to the bottom of things so to speak, and understand how things work, or why things are not working, and I find with discussions like this that require analysis, and research I always end up learning a heap of new things, and get a better understanding of the things I did know.

    Anyway mate, I am on the forums most nights and so there is no rush for you to do anything I have suggested. For the challenge, you really want to take your time and focus... if it takes weeks or months that is fine, the main thing is that you get something of value out of the process :wink:


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    HollywoodHollywood Member Posts: 27
    3/26 8:18pm FRIDAY TO SCOTTY @codeowl 🦉 :

    Hey mate!
    Scotty.. thank you! I'm relieved to hear your reply regarding the flexibility of response times. As aforementioned, in my prev msg, I want Anyone who comments or replies to my Posts, to understand that if I don't get back to them right away, it is not an indication that I'm not thoroughly AMPED!!!.. to see their message. Rather.. any percieved delay.. is only due to scheduling issues that may sometimes arise.

    Scotty.. I do Seriously appreciate the Input from @RandyB .. (he was the first to offer instructional comments) and from You. I am Fortunate to have found this Community Forum of like Artists that Cap't Ken has created cz it is a Very Valuable resource of support, learning and camaraderie. And.. of course.. it keeps us coming back to Ken's techniques, who I feel, we value as the TOPMOST Vocal Coach.

    And hey mate.. I beg to differ. Anyone who can breakdown a song like that has got to be a Pro! And since you're an Aussie.. That is an added Bonus, so I am especially AMPED!!!.. to have you offer your navigational skills re that particular song. I'm looking forward to finessing>(as Randy B says) this song & EVERY SONG to perfection.

    Thank You.. my Friend. With Captain Ken's, RandyB's.. and Your expert guidance, I am looking forward to getting "the finesse part of (my) performing 🎤 down"!


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    HollywoodHollywood Member Posts: 27
    6/11/21 8:20pmPDT ... hey @RandyB and @codeowl !!
    Just checking in; still working on on my 'finessing' skills in order to rein in those 'wild horses'. I appreciate You Both!! The Commentary from the both of you is spot on.. welcome.. & very helpful. Stay Tuned... 😊
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    DannyOc3anDannyOc3an 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 668
    Sadly sound quality is too low, I can't hear a thing. Please try to upload a better resolution file to receive appropiate feedback.
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