Brand New, Looking for some feedback

Hey Everyone, I am brand new to the program. I just joined Tuesday and would love some feedback about what I am doing wrong. I will be truthful I have avoided learning to sing for many years but it is time to rip off the band aid, This is my first attempt. I am still working through the intro exercises. I have a lot of work to do with breathing and pitch etc. but would love any feedback, tips etc. Thanks y'all


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    Good job being brave and posting right out of the gate! I joined in August and am working a ton on technique so I'm no expert in providing educated :) feedback. The vocal modification exercises have been amazing to me. I've spent a lot of time on the Vollume 1 MP3 - Audio Starter Workouts - Dudes 1-7.
    Spend extra time on those exercises and you'll begin to actually feel a different in your throat, hear a difference in your sound and feel better about your singing.
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    Welcome to the forums, @Richcrenshaw !

    You will be learning a lot of things that will all combine to strengthen your voice and build your confidence in your abilities. At this point you sound a bit tentative and unconfident. Not bad, just untrained. That's all about to change.

    Dive into the exercises and build good practice habits. Learn what is in the course and make it your own. This will be a good "before" to go with a new "after" in several months. Give yourself time to work your voice into the instrument it is capable of becoming.

    You have come to the right place.

    All the best!

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