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Does anyone know what part of the course I find further explanation of this technique in the course? Thank you.


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    The whole course teaches you the things you need to learn in able to build the strongest part of your voice.

    We practice our exercises every day, first going through them and bridging into head voice. Then, we do them again, this time stretching our chest voice as high as we can take it, instead of allowing the voice to slip into falsetto. It takes a long time to build our chest voice, one note at a time, to become stronger in the upper mid voice.

    Stretching chest voice is what actually builds the belting area. You are belting when you take your chest register up beyond the primo passaggio, into the mid voice. From there you can stretch the point where you have to hand off to the head voice at the secondo passaggio.

    So your Volume 1, 2, and 3 audio workouts will help you to get strength in this part of the voice. But that happens by exercising your voice in this range, and beginning gently, gradually building strength.

    You will find that by the time you are working the Volume 3 exercises at full strength, your belting register will grow like crazy, as long as you have worked your way up to that level of expertise. You can't go straight there and expect to be able to successfully implement all that you learn along the way to get there.

    The stamina exercises in the Volume 3 Student demonstrations will help you to see and hear the kind of workouts that will build this part of the voice.

    Make sure you understand cutting back the volume, which is covered in Volume 3. You need to learn that so as to manage the air properly and protect your voice from oversinging.

    You have to build the foundation first, before your voice will be ready to belt with strength.
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    Thank you for taking the time comment. Much appreciate your comments.
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