'Outside' - STAIND COVER

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Here is a cover of Stainds 'Outside' I did. How did I do?


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    Hey mate, love this song!, great choice. I haven't listened to it for years. I used to listen that live version he did with Fred Durst, (which I am sure is the version you were doing here). It is such an honest song, great to hear it again. I think your tone is great for this song, especially in the verses. I think you struggled a bit with pitch in the lower parts (the "... I'm on the outside..." parts), and same when you went up for the higher version of that part, I think if you used a bit less air and supported a bit better you would be able to really belt that out, but in the spots where you did get it, it was sounding very cool.

    I think your biggest problem with this song is timing. Here is a cool experiment if you are up for it:

    - Grab the track off youtube, or where ever, and extract the audio. (There are a number of programs that can do this, "4K Downloader", "By Click Downloader" are a couple I have),

    - Load the audio into a track in your DAW.

    - Create a second track in the DAW and record your guitar in time with the song audio as you listen to it through head phones on the second track.

    - Listen back to the mix of your playing and the song audio and verify your timing on the guitar playing is good. If you need to do another take.

    - Create a third track and hook your mic up to this.

    - Mute the track of the song audio, so when you play/record the project only a mix of your guitar and your singing is playing through the headphones, and record yourself singing the song to this on the third track.

    - Then mute your guitar track and play back the project with a mix of your vocal and the song audio in the background and listen to the timing of your singing compared to the timing on the song audio. Hear were your timing is out and make notes on the areas where you identify your out. Where you are either not starting or finishing the phrase or words at the same time the song audio is.

    Then mute your vocal track and create another vocal track and hook your mic up and try again focusing on the areas where you noted the timing was out.

    Repeat this process to really refine your timing and get it spot on.
    I think this would be a really interesting experiment where you could easily identify specific areas that require improvement, really focus on these areas and also be able to measure your improvement with each take as well.

    Great work mate :wink: .
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    Thanks Scotty! I didn't even think about setting the right BPM i usually I forgo this time I guess, I'm so glad you pointed that out. I just fixed it and resang it, sounds 10 times better to me now. I'll edit the post and link the new updated version in it if you would like to check it out.

    Thanks again!
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    Hey mate, just listened to the updated version. Tis a definite improvement. I think with the "... I'm on the outside... " section how it is lower, try yawning into those lower phrases to get your larynx a bit lower, I think you will find you get a stronger more stable sound. I did a little experiment here and I find it much easier and fuller sound when I yawn into singing those phrases.

    Good job mate ;-)


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    Awesome tip man! I will definitely incorporate that in with my practicing, trying it now and I see what you're talking about. Thanks Scotty!
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