Guns n' Roses - Demo 3 songs

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When I was younger people said that I looked like Axl Rose. Haha. I messed up on some of the lyrics and it was a little pitchy on Welcome to the Jungle. It was difficult because it was in the range where my chest voice and head voice changed. I ran out of steam at the end. However, Sweet Child O' Mine came out okay.

Welcome to the Jungle

Sweet Child O' Mine

Mr. Brownstone


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    codeowlcodeowl 2.0 PRO Posts: 310

    Hey mate, great work on the covers. These are some pretty huge songs you've taken on here. I can remember when every pub around had Sweet Child belting out on the duke box back in the day.

    I used to love singing along to these tunes, this was before trying to learn how to sing.
    Thinking back on it now, my attempt at Axle was raise larynx and push hard. In retrospect this was a really bad idea for me. My main focus was on emulating Axle's tone, and of course I didn't have any technique, but I think if I tried to do this over again, I would first work on technique. I would loose the grit and not aim for Axle's tone, but instead work on the most efficient way I could execute the song, in key. I would focus on support/breath control, identifying the vowel mods to weave my way through the phrases in the most efficient way. Then once I get all the notes using technique, I would try and bring in some style.

    You seem like you have a pretty good voice to work with, nice tone, and great range. I saw in your introduction post you saying your missus bought the course. Are you working on Volume 1? I think the vocal exercises would help you really take your voice to the next level. Stretching chest up to that great head voice you have :wink:

    PS: I reckon if you were to drop one of these and then leave it a couple of weeks, gather feedback from the more advanced singers, and then work on applying that on your next cover, and then drop the next one, you prob get more people giving feedback.

    I will leave it to the more advanced guys to give you some more technical feedback :wink: I am just in Volume 1.

    Oh BTW:
    > When I was younger people said that I looked like Axl Rose. Haha.
    Axel Rose wishes he had shoulders like you mate!! LOlololll


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