Hi, my name is Carol and I recently purchased the Digital lessons, online. I am working on v1, part 2 at the the moment. I just wanted to drop by and say how pleased I am with my progress; pure joy!
Music is my passion. I play guitar and sing, mostly open mics. Of course, covid has put a damper on things, but I anticipate after my vaccinations I will enjoy going out to play. And so I am conditioning my voice, now. And, wow! Going over songs that I play and polishing them up, is an achievement!
Ken, you have got it going on in terms of singing. Your right on, and now I am too! There is much to do, and as a blues rock singer I am fine tuning in a way I never thought was possible for me. I had a perception of myself as an okay singer, with a voice that could never compare to my idols. And now I realize, just as it was with guitar, we are not born knowing it all. We have to practice out scales and riffs, and it's no different with the voice.
I am so very happy with my decision to continue voice lessons with Ken and to make the time to practice and learn what voice training is all about.
Still can't manage lip trills, I spit all over myself; and sit ups are not my thing, but there is so much more I can do, without a doubt, and you can too!
Stay safe everybody!


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