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Hey Dudes and Divas!

Wow, this forum is going gangbusters, thanks for being part of the KTVA family! 

Because it is growing so fast, so quickly, I think it's time for a quick update and reminder about this KTVA forum, especially for those of you who have recently joined KTVA:

This forum has TWO main purposes.  Main purpose #1 is to build a fun and supportive community of people who have at least two things in common, you love to sing and you have joined KTVA.  We have vocalists from all over the world and from all walks of life and singing styles - and we want you to be able to build relationships and share your singing experiences with like-minded people from all corners of the world!

Main purpose #2 is to receive strong technical support IF you are actually enrolled in any of the KTVA courses.  We have incredible moderators helping all of us out with great support and they have a wealth of information to share with you.

This forum IS NOT a replacement for the courses, just being in this forum will not give you the same tools as you will get when you are actually enrolled in your own course.  The technical support in this forum is meant to compliment what you are learning in your course, it is not meant to a be free-standing vocal course.

Please remember, even though you are enrolled in the most powerful singing lessons in the world, it still takes a long time to master your craft, there is no magic pill... not even in this forum :)

Your KTVA forum is meant to be fun!

Great singing to you!

Ken Tamplin


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