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My first cover. Feedback would be great!

Hey guys! So im about to start the KTVA lessons, so i thought it would be fun to put a video of me singing before hand.

This is me singing "Daughters", and feedback would be awesome! It's pretty rough lol, but like i said i'd love to hear any and everything i could work on/focus on when taking the lessons

Thank you!

Here is the link:


  • codeowlcodeowl 2.0 PRO Posts: 303
    edited April 7

    Hey mate, this will be a great reference point for you :wink:
    I have learnt a heap from Vol 1. I have posted on some of the stuff I have learnt on my profile page, you may find some value in there.

    I look forward to hearing your next song after a few months on the course :smile:


  • kevinwaynekevinwayne Member Posts: 45
    Don't know the song, but not bad considering your lessons ain't started yet~!
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