Original Song - What Do You Do With a Dracolich Egg

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Hey everybody!,

I just put my first complete original song on soundcloud. It's set to private right now so I can get feedback from you good folks.

Here's the private link:

Let me know what you think. Any tips on improving the mix are also welcome. As far as mastering, it sounds good on my big stereo and in headphones, but not quite so great on my phone speaker, and I haven't tested it in the car.

Story: This song was inspired by a Dungeons & Dragons campaign where our party fought an ice dracolich (basically a zombie dragon), and she bargained with us to take her egg and get it to hatch in exchange for letting us live. Our Druid heartily took up the challenge to everyone else's chagrin.

Processing: I've been working on this song for almost a year and a half, learning how to record, mix, EQ, and master everything on my own in the process. All the instrumentation is software because I don't play anything, so hopefully it doesn't sound too robotic. As far as vocals go, I added some effects (reverb, delay, a subtle pitch shifter [down an octave for fullness], compressor, and EQ), but no autotune. Unfortunately I couldn't get rid of the tinny sound in the vocals, probably because of recording limitations.

Edit 11 April 2021: I made a slight tweak to the EQ on the vocals to try to bring them forward in the mix. The link above has been updated for the new version.


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    Great effort with the original mate, I liked it. I played this one to the missus and her take on it was she liked the singing, but thought it needed some different parts to break it up a bit.
    A great job for your first original mate, especially considering you did every part of this yourself, without knowing how to play an instrument! Also some great story telling there too mate :wink: .

    Good work mate.


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    Hello Eric,

    kudos for your first original. Sounds interesting. For you next tracks I'd like to recommend to you to structure the arrangement a little bit more. Work on the dramaturgy of the arrangement.

  • FretlessTheBardFretlessTheBard 2.0 PRO Posts: 92
    Thanks for the feedback, gents. @codeowl @doc_ramadani

    "Dramaturgy" is a two dollar word! Had to look that one up.
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