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when we have to strong chest voice ....that means i should beware or avoid singing high note song or phrase because after that the chest voice will get weak ...........so is my perception is correct or i can sing high notes plus chest also .........my vocal condition according to me ==== weak chest voice, good mixed voice ,normal head voice, ................one more thing how can i work on my texture of vocals i just recently learned about texture that is important for vocals which diffferentiate you from others so ..if anyone know about this please guide me than you

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  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,405
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    texture, no idea, i guess you mean your tone? maybe check out Ken's "isolated vocals" series on YT to hear how some singers you might like sound without the playback? also, experiment with your voice, record it and hear what you like.

    regarding chest voice: you need to have a strong chest voice first before you sing a lot in head voice, otherwise you can atrophy your chest voice. think of chest voice as your foundation, you build the rest on top of it. the trick is to have a balanced workout which strengthens your chest voice (like Ken's course). otherwise, you will be out on your own guessing for yourself
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