Critique my voice + vocals demos

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Hello everyone,

I would like to receive some tips on how to blend my chest voice and head voice(or mix not sure) together, i found that my chest voice sounds quite different to my mixed, sorry if my question is confusing I'm not really sure on the terminologies, my voice usually flips around f#4 if I don't push a little. I would like to be able to hit some chesty sounding c5/d5s like john Farnham and Michael Bolton, i know that those guys are insanely skilled and it maybe a bit of an overshoot for me, but I want to see if I can resemble even half of their ability.

Thank you for your time, appreciate all feedback.

(also my voice might sound little more pushed than i usually would, as I was singing in the car for some of this demos)

Male 23

chest range : e2 to b4 (most comfortable up to g4/ab4, anything above an a4 is shouty and hard to sustain for more than a second, although I can sustain a bb4 with vibrato if warmed up)


Mixed Voice: (not sure on range cause not sure when I'm in mix or head voice)




Head voice range : up to d6 but most comfortable to a5/bb5




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    hi, i think you have a good grasp on how to sing, you have a strong support.
    if you want to grow your voice in an efficient way, the best tip i can give you is to get the course if you can afford it. it takes you through all these steps which you would have to figure out by yourself otherwise.

    the goal of bel canto and also this course is to have one long note across chest and head register which sounds the same across all pitches. in other words, if you don't know how to balance the training, you cannot fuse the two registers. that'S why they sound different for you. it takes time and hard work (1 hour 5x a week of training is recommended as a minimum) and the course takes you through all the steps. i encourage you to check out my profile page. i compiled a training from the free videos, you can use it as a demo to figure out if the course is for you. you can also work with the free videos, they are great too, but the shortcut is doing the course. sorry to sound a bit like a commercial, but it really works!!!
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