Original Song - (in)Sanity

Mike86Mike86 Member Posts: 104
Some tongue in cheek riff rock mixed with some heavier elements...about the craziness going on currently.



  • codeowlcodeowl 2.0 PRO Posts: 305

    Not bad mate. Lovin the Fuzz!! It was a bit slow to start, but once the main riff came in I was on board.... Nice tone to your voice. "...Walls they crumble, fools they stumble.... " that line is gold mate :wink: . Good job on the melody of the chorus, very catchy. I did think the music could have been a bit thicker in the chorus. It has a good ambiguity to the lyric to which I think is a great quality in a song, as people can have it tell their story based on whatever it is that it relates to for them.

    Good effort mate, I liked it. :+1:


  • Mike86Mike86 Member Posts: 104
    Thanks Scotty! I agree about the chorus...was thinking of adding another guitar hook in there to make the song more complete.
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