Hello to everyone from Germany

GrjabGrjab 2.0 PRO Posts: 2
Hello to everyone here :)
My name is Jan, I'm from Germany and this is the second time I start with KTVA. I started KTVA in 2011 and it wa great! But sadly I did the course only for a few months because of some health issues and private issues, So I didn't do any singing training or vocal lessons for nearly 10 years now. My voice is now smaller and in quite bad shape than it ever was.
Well, things have changed in my life and so last week I decided to start again with Ken, who is still the best vocal coach I know. I'm extremely motivated to restart with Volume 1. It even feels like a "homecoming" :D

I remember the old forums in 2011 when KTVA was not that big as it is now. We were so few students, compared to now. I'm overwhelmed by how many students there are here now. Tht's fantastic! :)

Good singing to you all! Rock on!



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