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Hear yourself when recording

I have a question and I hear this is a matter of opinion, but should u listen to ur real-time self when recording or live. I've heard that this is very important to stay on pitch and especially if ur a bigger artist at big shows. I've also heard sound engineers say that they never get good results when people don't wanna hear themselves. But in the studio or when recording how can I get familiar with this, it seems to just throw me off time. I'd love to hear everyone's opinion and advice on this.


  • codeowlcodeowl 2.0 PRO Posts: 282

    Hey mate, I have a Focusrite 2i4 that I use to get the mic into the PC and I record with Reaper (DAW).
    To get around latency issues, I use the Direct Monitor knob to control the mix of input sound and playback from the DAW and I mute the playback of the vocal while recording the vocal in the DAW. This way I just hear in real-time my singing and guitar playing. Of course you can lay down other tracks separately and play these back while you record the vocal etc...

    I also use open back headphones, I have the SHURE SRH1440. I found that with closed back headphones it sounded muddy doing the low notes, a bit like I had my finger stuck in my ears... but the open backs solved this problem as you get a nice mix of outside and inside the headphones. I use these for doing the nightly workouts as well.


  • JethroDavisonJethroDavison Member Posts: 24
    @codeowl thanks that helps alot. Definitely it's the latency that throws me off.
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