Please give feedback on my Lah Triad

ferdiferdi 2.0 PRO Posts: 2
I have been doing the exercises since 13 months now. I moved on to Vol 2 a month ago and I really appreciate some feedback on my exercises.

What am I doing wrong? Where needs improvement? What should I NOT change?

Vol 2 - Lah Triad

I love classic rock and can compose too. I got rejected by several bands after hearing some of my singing so it's a bit frustrating.

Please help!
Thank you!

In case you aren't able to see the video link above here it is:

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    MatsyMatsy Pro Posts: 168
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    I’m still a noob, so I can’t say much. Generally it’s pretty goid I reckon.

    Can see your uvula lifting, that’s good, the back of your tongue seems to want to keep lifting, particularly one side, generally though it’s staying down. I practice every day (30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest) keeping my tongue down for 5 minutes before my workout, just by opening my mouth wide while looking in the mirror and really focusing on getting the back portion down. It’s really helped me.

    There are a few areas it seems you are struggling a little with the vowel mods and so it seems you push a bit harder in those areas to get past it. It might be your passagio? It would be good to stop when you notice it and do those notes again really focusing on vowel mods.

    At times, and I do this too, you relax on the downward part of the scale and the note goes a bit wobbly, I am working on this by keeping the sound tucked up into the uvula and really being aware that just because I’m coming down doesn’t mean I can relax or pay less attention.

    Keep up the good work! 💪


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    ferdiferdi 2.0 PRO Posts: 2
    Thanks for the feedback. Is there any material I can refer to better understand the vowel mods? I feel like I'm doing those but if you're not hearing them then I guess I need more improvement. Thank you.
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    Wouter595Wouter595 2.0 PRO Posts: 53
    Hey @ferdi ,

    nice work! About vowel mods; perhaps you should rewatch the volume 1 part 1; lessons about the individual vowels and vocal tractshaping.
    When practicing I find myself returing to them and learning something new everytime I rewatch them.

    Happy singing!
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